Environmental Construction

Daramola, Inc. uses state of the art methodologies to enhance the long-term functioning of the natural systems. We adopt bio-engineering methods in the construction of fragile ecosystems including; shorelines and watercourse bank stabilization, creeks restoration, wetland mitigation, and environmental remediation. We take pride in the construction of landscape that brings beauty, serenity and purity to our air and environment.

Erosion Control

Our company follows the best management practice guidelines provision of the WSDOT for our erosion control projects. Our Certified Erosion Control and Sediment Control Leads (CESCL) are well trained with years of experience installing measures  for sediment and storm water flow like; silt fence, desalting basin, sediment trap check dam, storm drain inlet, drainage swales and ditches, mulching, hydroseeding etc.

Ecological Restoration

We provide various services that restore the health of an ecosystems through removal of non-native species, treatment of pest infested areas, reforestation and revegetation of disturbed areas, planting of native species and meticulous management until full recovery is achieved.


Our approaches to mitigating exposure of human and natural systems to radiation of contaminated soil, ground and surface water is borne out of years of study and experience in the industry. We remove, transport and dispose contaminated materials and proffer remedial measures to restore the ecosystems.



Daramola, Inc. is an environmental development company serving across the state of Washington.​ We work with government entities, private companies, construction companies, non profit organizations and private land owners in designing, planning and implementing their various environmental projects.

We offers advisory and mitigating solutions to natural and anthropogenic activities that impact our natural environment. We develop strategies that negates environmental degradation & provide services in support, mitigating, restoring and enhancement of ecosystems services






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